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Short Answer Questions

1. What language was the unusual book that Montaigne's father came into possession of written in?

2. Montaigne says that extra time is often allotted to prepare war horses for what?

3. What factor tends to restrict the conditions for women?

4. About what percentage of Bordeaux's population died as a result of the major disease that hit it while Montaigne was in office there?

5. Near the end of Book 2 of Essays: Chapter 8, Montaigne discusses means of what type?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Montaigne believe it is possible to laugh and cry about the same thing?

2. What does Montaigne say about marriage near the end of Book 2 of Essays: Chapter 5?

3. How does Montaigne suggest that a liar can be caught?

4. Why does Montaigne say that parental affection is important for a child's development?

5. What is strange about the way Feudalism tends to divide territory?

6. What decision does the soldier have to make in Book 1 of Essays: Chapter 2, Essay #3?

7. Why was Montaigne arrested in Paris in 1588?

8. Why does Montaigne discuss swaddling clothes?

9. What was the unusual book that Montaigne translated for his father?

10. What dose Montaigne say that soldiers sometimes have to resort to for survival?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Montaigne regards lying to be a major vice, but one which he makes a minor exception for in certain cases. He discusses this vice in detail, describing some ways that it causes problems for those who indulge in it, and discussing ways that lies can be discovered.

1) Describe Montaigne's opinion about the acceptability of lying. Does he believe it is a vice in all cases? Does Montaigne believe that some lies are morally acceptable, or even desirable?

2) Discuss the negative effects that Montaigne says lying has on those who compulsively or frequently lie.

3) Explain the strategies that Montaigne recommends for identifying and uncovering lies.

Essay Topic 2

Montaigne's own relationship with his father was formative in his life, and it affected many of his beliefs and writings.

1) Characterize the general relationship that Montaigne and his father.

2) Describe the positive character traits that Montaigne attributes to the influence of his father. Asses the validity of these attributions and discuss some other possible traits that Montaigne failed to identify in himself.

3) Discuss the major life choices that Montaigne made which were directly or indirectly affected by his father's advice and council.

4) Describe some of the ways that Montaigne was affected by the death of his father.

Essay Topic 3

Along with virtues, Montaigne is interested in the concept of vices. He defines strict rules for determining whether or not a bad habit can be considered a vice, and discusses the effects that these behaviors have on the spiritual life of a human being.

1) Explain what, according to Montaigne, constitutes a vice. Discuss the differences that Montaigne sees between habits that are simply poorly judged or looked down upon, and actual vices.

2) Explain the relationship that Montaigne sees between sin and vice.

3) Discuss the impact that Montaigne believes vices have on a person's life, in terms of their physical well-being, their relationships, and their spiritual life.

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