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Short Answer Questions

1. What subject does the second introduction for this book cover?

2. What subject does the first introduction for this book cover?

3. Montaigne responds to an argument that it is useless to defend Christianity from what standpoint?

4. In one of Montaigne's stories, the man who performs a kind of social experiment on people of a lower social station had what profession?

5. What decision does Conrad make in one of Montaigne's stories about mercy?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Montaigne believe that judgment about lying are influenced by motive?

2. What is the purpose of this book, according to Montaigne?

3. What dose Montaigne say that soldiers sometimes have to resort to for survival?

4. Why does Montaigne discuss swaddling clothes?

5. What decision does the soldier have to make in Book 1 of Essays: Chapter 2, Essay #3?

6. What important contribution did Gutenburg make?

7. What was the goal of the social experiment that Montaigne describes near the end of Book 2 of Essays: Chapter 8?

8. What does Montaigne says about the equality of vices?

9. What effects does Montaigne say that bravery can bring about in the enemy?

10. What consequences did his father's opinion on education have on Montaigne?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The city of Rome in Montaigne's time was exceptionally large and popular as a destination for pilgrims and travelers like Montaigne, who writes at length about the great city.

1) Explain Rome's importance in medieval Europe as a center for religion, commerce, and travel.

2) Discuss Montaigne's expectations for Rome, and the reasons he had for going there. What sites did Montaigne look forward to seeing, and what do these interests say about the culture of the time?

3) Describe the city as shown in Montaigne's journals. How did it match or differ from his expectations, and in what major ways was he disappointed or surprised? Make an assessment of the nature of the city as a whole.

Essay Topic 2

Along with virtues, Montaigne is interested in the concept of vices. He defines strict rules for determining whether or not a bad habit can be considered a vice, and discusses the effects that these behaviors have on the spiritual life of a human being.

1) Explain what, according to Montaigne, constitutes a vice. Discuss the differences that Montaigne sees between habits that are simply poorly judged or looked down upon, and actual vices.

2) Explain the relationship that Montaigne sees between sin and vice.

3) Discuss the impact that Montaigne believes vices have on a person's life, in terms of their physical well-being, their relationships, and their spiritual life.

Essay Topic 3

Montaigne is interested in the subject of Christian apologetics (or apologists), the rational defense and explanation of the faith. He discusses Sebond's apologetic work at great length, and extends many supporting arguments for it in addition to his own original thesis.

1) Explain the subject of apologetics and its importance, according to Montaigne.

2) Summarize Montaigne's most important opinions and ideas on the subject of Christian apologetics.

3) Discuss the importance of this philosophical field in the context of the religious conflict of Montaigne's era.

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