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Short Answer Questions

1. What character trait does Montaigne say are specifically brought about by a particular treatment of children by parents?

2. Montaigne characterizes his parents' treatment of him as which of the following?

3. Who was the target audience of the social experiment that Montaigne discusses near the end of Book 2 of Essays: Chapter 8?

4. Who is the father of the noble who is discussed in Book 1 of Essays: Chapter 4, Essay #46?

5. What city-state in Greece was notable for supporting a matriarchal society for a long time in Greece?

Short Essay Questions

1. What unusual rule did Knights of the Spanish order that Montaigne discusses have to obey, and why?

2. What occurrence that is related to Sebond's work does Montaigne say he is proud of?

3. Why does Montaigne discuss swaddling clothes?

4. What factors in Europe tended to restrict the social status of women?

5. What was the unusual book that Montaigne translated for his father?

6. What consequences did his father's opinion on education have on Montaigne?

7. How does Montaigne believe that judgment about lying are influenced by motive?

8. How does Montaigne suggest that virtue is different from kindliness?

9. How does Montaigne suggest that a liar can be caught?

10. Why does Montaigne think that Christianity is superior to other religions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Montaigne is interested in the subject of Christian apologetics (or apologists), the rational defense and explanation of the faith. He discusses Sebond's apologetic work at great length, and extends many supporting arguments for it in addition to his own original thesis.

1) Explain the subject of apologetics and its importance, according to Montaigne.

2) Summarize Montaigne's most important opinions and ideas on the subject of Christian apologetics.

3) Discuss the importance of this philosophical field in the context of the religious conflict of Montaigne's era.

Essay Topic 2

Montaigne believes in the reality of objective truth, ideas that exist in a perfect state, without the need for human interpretation. He believes that although he, and all other humans, are imperfect interpreters of these truths, they cannot be diminished or tarnished in any way by human failings.

1) Discuss the concept of truth that Montaigne articulates in his essays. How are truths understood and derived, and where do they come from? How do human beings interact with the truth?

2) Montaigne suggests that he may contradict himself from time to time. Discuss one example of this, and describe how Montaigne might explain his mistake. How would he justify the perfection of the truth he was attempting to express in the face of this contradiction?

3) Discuss the importance of the concept of objective truth in some of Montaigne's other philosophies. How does it relate to these other ideas, and how are his arguments bolstered by a reliance on objective truth?

Essay Topic 3

The issue of parenting is very important to Montaigne, and his views on the subject are surprisingly modern. He has a great deal to say about proper methods of parenting, especially from the perspective of the father.

1) Explain the role does Montaigne believe a father should fill in a child's life, including his duties and responsibilities.

2) Discuss Montaigne's assessment of the importance of parental affection. How much attention does Montaigne recommend, and why does he believe this topic to be of particular importance?

3) Discuss Montaigne's stance on the issue of discipline and punishment for children. Why does he recommend against the use of physical punishment?

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