Commonwealth Short Essay - Answer Key

Ann Patchett
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1. Who is Dick Spencer?

Dick Spencer is an attorney from the district attorney's office. He had been a cop, but he went to law school at night, and he got a job in the district attorney's office after he got his law degree and passed the bar.

2. In Chapter 1, what is the scene in the kitchen after Fix greets Cousins and Fix goes to the kitchen?

When Fix goes to the kitchen it is packed with wives. No one is being helpful except for Lois, a neighbor. Beverly's friend Wallis is touching up her lipstick. Beverly's mother is holding the baby. The other women in the kitchen take turns fussing over the baby.

3. How does Fix describe his neighborhood and how it makes him feel as he and Tom go for ice in Chapter 1?

As Fix goes for ice with his brother, Tom, he appreciates the quiet of the neighborhood after the noise of the party. The order of the bungalows and their green lawns, the shadows cast by the palm tree, and the smell of the orange blossoms all have a settling effect on him.

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