Objects & Places from Commonwealth

Ann Patchett
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Albie's braid

This is a hairstyle that represents the journey a young man has taken since he left his family.

The soundtrack at the Palmer House

This is a loop of songs played in a bar symbolizes how time passes, but most people do not observe the passage of time.

The lobsters

Purchased for dinner in Amagansett, these represent wealth and status, but also how Franny feels trapped by her environment.

Fix's gun

This object represents its owner’s identity; and when the owner can no longer use it, it symbolizes how he wants to end his life.


This is a symbol of Albie youth; it is something that cannot be controlled and can be destructive when not handled properly.


This is the setting at the beginning of the novel, and it is where the Cousins and Keating children prefer to live.

High Heels

Franny quits...

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