Commonwealth Fun Activities

Ann Patchett
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Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would write if you could interview Patchett.


Create a diorama of the house where Beverly and Fix lived when they were married.

Character Comparison

Compare yourself to a character in the novel. Who are you most like and why?

On the Scene

Write a headline story for a newspaper recounting the events when Cal died.


Draw a portrait of the Keating and Cousins families.

Diary Entry

Write a diary entry that Beverly might have written during the novel.

Book Jacket

Create a book jacket for the novel. Include a summary on the front flap, author biography, on the back flap, and some reviews on the back cover.

Airplane Flight

Discuss with a group your first airplane flight and how it compared to the flight that the Cousins children took when their mother sent them alone without any luggage.

Commonwealth: The Movie

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