Commonwealth Character Descriptions

Ann Patchett
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Francis "Fix" Keating

This character is a cop and the father of two daughters that he only sees in the summer after his divorce.

Frances "Franny" Keating

This character’s christening party sets in motion her parents’ divorce. She grows up and drops out of law school, has a long-term affair with a novelist, and eventually marries a widower with two boys.

Albert "Bert" Cousins

This character is a district attorney who comes uninvited to a christening party and sets in motion the events that cause a divorce. By the end of his life he is not married and has little contact with his children.

Albert “Albie” Cousins

This character is the youngest in his family and is often given Benadryl so he will not follow his older siblings. When he is a young adult, he has a reputation for being wild, but he eventually settles down and develops...

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