Commonwealth Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ann Patchett
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Chapter 1

• A christening party is being held for Fix Keating’s new baby girl.

• Fix is surprised when Albert Cousins from the DA’s office arrives at the party.

• Bert is at the party, because he is looking for an excuse not to have to spend the day at home with his pregnant wife and three kids.

• He avoids being at home as much as possible, and his wife, Teresa, is left to deal with three children and another on the way with very little help from Bert.

• Bert brings a bottle of gin as a gift.

• Bert notices Fix’s wife, Beverly.

• Beverly asks Fix to get ice for the party, so he and his brother Tom go to the store.

• When they return, Fix feels like something has changed, but he is not sure what has happened.

• Bert notices that Fix seems to have a better...

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