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Short Answer Questions

1. As mentioned by Paine in Age of Reason, what did Jesus preach?

2. Who is hurt the most when a government tries to prohibit its people from reading a work the government disapproves of?

3. According to Paine, which Greek mythological figure did the Virgin Mary replace in Christianity?

4. What type of payment does Paine think should be paid to those who have been cheated of their inheritance?

5. How does Paine define a civilized society?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Paine's writing style throughout Common Sense and his other collected works, and how will Paine be remembered?

2. What is Paine's definition of a civilized society?

3. What are Paine's thoughts on the Immaculate Conception and the Resurrection?

4. What bold prediction does Paine make about the future of the monarchy and why?

5. What is impressive about the way George Washington became the first president of the United States of America and the way he was compensated?

6. What opinion does Paine have of people who believe and follow Christianity?

7. What should civilized states be concerned about ?

8. What are the two reasons why Paine waited before writing and releasing the Rights of Man, Part II?

9. What is the proof of God's existence that Paine also believes is a guide for people to live their lives?

10. What example of an uncivilized society does Paine use in Agrarian Justice?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the differences between democracy and representation using several examples from the Rights of Man, Part II. Be sure to include Paine's main points on each concept of government, which one he believes to be more effective, and why.

Essay Topic 2

Describe Thomas Paine's life and background, including where he is originally from and what his reputation was before, during, and after writing Common Sense. Also, discuss Paine's motives in writing his pamphlets and the reasons that he chose to remain anonymous at the time. Finally, use the information in Paine's work to explain why he believed strongly in the American Revolution and how his experiences qualified him to chronicle the events as America declared Independence.

Essay Topic 3

Describe in detail why it was necessary for America to separate from England and declare its independence. Also, list and explain each of the reasons why England was not capable of governing America along with the benefits that the United States will have as a result of establishing their own country.

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