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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paine use examples from scripture to explain?
(a) How, why, and when kings became prominent.
(b) How and why kings became prominent.
(c) Why, but not how or when kings became prominent.
(d) How, but not why kings became prominent.

2. What does Paine profess about himself in The Crisis?
(a) He is not superstitious.
(b) He is superstitious.
(c) He does believe in miracles.
(d) He does not believe in miracles.

3. What does a strong government assure against?
(a) Civil war, poverty, and treason.
(b) Civil war and poverty.
(c) Poverty, but not civil war or treason.
(d) Civil war, but not poverty.

4. What tactic will the king use to gain favor in the long run if he cannot rule through force in the short run?
(a) Subtlety.
(b) War.
(c) Information.
(d) Bribery.

5. According to Paine, what is the difference between society and government?
(a) Right versus wrong.
(b) North versus South.
(c) Positivism versus negativism.
(d) East versus West.

Short Answer Questions

1. Since all men are created equal, what does Paine consider aristocracy to be?

2. What does Paine wish America could have used against the British?

3. What do the English people indicate with their silence?

4. What will the first twenty years of American independence not predict, according to Paine?

5. How did Paine originally view Burke, before he denounced the French Revolution?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Paine's definition of a Quaker?

2. What are the civil rights that Paine believes should be applied to government?

3. What does Burke accuse the French of pertaining to their actions against Louis XVI and how does Paine correct him?

4. What disappoints Paine about the limited examples of solid government that are available?

5. What does Paine think that America will gain by separating from England?

6. What mistake do the British make in attacking a particular city during the American Revolution?

7. What are the problems with using faith and religion for political purposes?

8. What does Paine think the effects of Burke's pamphlets will be and what are Burke's reasons for publishing them?

9. How does Paine describes Benjamin Franklin's historical role in the French Constitution?

10. What does Paine hope the English people will do as a result of reading Burke's pamphlets?

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