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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From where was English rule founded?
(a) America.
(b) England.
(c) France.
(d) Italy.

2. For what does Paine compliment Washington?
(a) For his economic resources.
(b) For his character and mind.
(c) For his character, mind, and economic resources.
(d) For his mind and economic resources.

3. What is the Rights of Man considered?
(a) A speech.
(b) An essay.
(c) A treatise.
(d) A novel.

4. Why does Paine think the British are incapable of ruling America justly?
(a) They are too powerful.
(b) They are too jealous.
(c) They are not economically sound.
(d) They are too weak.

5. According to Paine, which governments must unite to lead by example in order to ensure liberty worldwide?
(a) Only America and England.
(b) Only England and France.
(c) America, England, and France.
(d) Only America and France.

6. What types of goals should the members of the elected have?
(a) The same goals as the largest populated cities.
(b) The same goals as half of the body.
(c) The same goals as the body.
(d) The same goals as other countries.

7. What city did the British incorrectly assume was the center of America when they attacked it?
(a) Dallas.
(b) Baltimore.
(c) Philadelphia.
(d) New York.

8. Why does Paine believe that America will succeed?
(a) Because of its economic status.
(b) Because of its political status.
(c) Because of unity.
(d) Because of great numbers.

9. According to Paine, what goes against human nature?
(a) Partial governments.
(b) An absence of government.
(c) Absolute governments.
(d) A self-sufficient government.

10. In his letter to Howe, what comparison does Paine make about arguing with a man who has no use for authority?
(a) Reasoning with a wall.
(b) Talking to a wall.
(c) Giving medicine to the dead.
(d) Talking to the dead.

11. How did the men in the American army fight Howe?
(a) They fought neither for an ideal nor property.
(b) They fought for property, not an ideal.
(c) They fought for an ideal, not property.
(d) They fought for an ideal and property.

12. Why do Englishmen defend their king?
(a) Out of reason, rather than national pride.
(b) Out of both reason and national pride.
(c) Out of national pride, rather than reason.
(d) Out of neither reason nor national pride.

13. What does Paine use examples from scripture to explain?
(a) How, why, and when kings became prominent.
(b) Why, but not how or when kings became prominent.
(c) How and why kings became prominent.
(d) How, but not why kings became prominent.

14. What concerns Paine about how Burke's pamphlet is published?
(a) The colors used.
(b) The incorrect order of pages.
(c) The translation.
(d) The small print.

15. What does Paine hope the English people will realize from Burke's pamphlet?
(a) How easy the English laws are to change.
(b) How complicated the English laws are.
(c) How difficult the English laws are to change.
(d) How archaic the English laws are.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Edmund Burke attack the French Revolution in a book?

2. Why does England constantly need a foe to battle?

3. What is the famous quote by Paine that starts the section, The Crisis?

4. What are the rumors about the reason behind Burke's pamphlet?

5. How many ancient tyrannies does Paine think comprise the English Constitution?

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