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Rhoda Blumberg
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Perry concerned about regarding the Shogun?
(a) His death would cause too much instability for profitable trade.
(b) His death would bring in a new, more repressive Shogun.
(c) His death would Commodore Perry from returning.
(d) He would be ready for Commodore Perry's arrival next time with more soldiers.

2. When did Perry arrive back in Japan for his second visit?
(a) June, 1855.
(b) February, 1854.
(c) June, 1858.
(d) January, 1856.

3. When did American merchants start traveling for Japan?
(a) After Congress ratified the treaty.
(b) Not for five years after the signing of the Treaty of Kanagawa.
(c) When news of the Treaty of Kanagawa reached Hyawaii.
(d) Within 2 years of the signing of the Treaty of Kanagawa.

4. Where did Commodore Perry and the Japanese decide that the Americans could land?
(a) Harboro.
(b) Nagasaki.
(c) Kanagawa.
(d) Fukuri.

5. What did the Japanese do as the Americans passed by?
(a) Booed.
(b) Made clicking noises with their tongues.
(c) Bowed.
(d) Raised their right hands.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the Americans undervalue of the Japanese gifts?

2. What was one major accomplishment by Emperor Meiji?

3. What was one thing the Americans did that amazed the Japanese?

4. Of what was Sam Patch afraid?

5. With what were the Americans who accepted the invitation impressed about the Japanese?

Short Essay Questions

1. On April 10th, 1854, where did the Commodore take one of his ships and what was the result?

2. What was the Commodore's first impression of Shimoda.

3. What horrified the Japanese about the Americans at the banquet, but how did the Japanese behave anyway?

4. How did the two cultures meet face to face and what did the people of the two countries think of the other?

5. What were some of the impacts of the treaty signing between the Americans and the Japanese?

6. When did the Shogun die and why was that of concern to Commodore Perry?

7. How did the Americans impress the Japanese as the Americans came ashore?

8. When was the Treaty House completed and what did Commodore Perry demand that they change?

9. Why was Commodore Perry happy with the treaty?

10. Where did the Commodore and staff go and what bothered the Commodore about the women there?

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