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Rhoda Blumberg
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was one thing Perry never did during his visits to Japan?
(a) Meet the Shogun.
(b) Enter Edo.
(c) Meet the Emperor.
(d) Meet a Japanese woman.

2. Who returned to negotiate with Commodore Perry?
(a) Sumarai Koyohito.
(b) Kayama.
(c) The Emperer.
(d) Shogun Ieyoshi.

3. Why did Perry's ships avoid getting too close to Edo?
(a) The interpreters and negotiators would be be pressured to commit suicide.
(b) They would have gotten stuck on the river's sand.
(c) They didn't want the people of Edo to see the smoking ships.
(d) They were forbidden to do so.

4. What did the merchants fail to do after being in Shimoda for three months?
(a) Establish a trading post.
(b) Interest the Japanese in their goods.
(c) Find an interpreter.
(d) Get any Japanese to talk to them.

5. When did the Shogun die?
(a) Five days before Commodore Perry left.
(b) Ten days after Commodore Perry left.
(c) He was still alive the next time Perry went to Japan.
(d) Ten months after Commodore Perry left.

6. What did Perry decide as far as Shimoda and Hakodate was concerned?
(a) To visit them.
(b) To establish consuls there and work his way inland.
(c) He had no plans as of yet.
(d) To let half his ships go one place and half to the other.

7. Who finally came to one of the parties between the Japanese and Americans?
(a) The head Samurai.
(b) The Emperor.
(c) Kayama.
(d) The Shogun.

8. What did Commodore Perry's arrival initiate?
(a) A shutdown of the entire wharf area of Nagasaki.
(b) A shutdown of the entire wharf area of Edo.
(c) A war between Shoguns.
(d) Weeks of negotiations.

9. What is one thing the treaty called for?
(a) The right to travel freely throughout Japan.
(b) Peace between the U.S. and Japan.
(c) Fishing rights for the Americans.
(d) The right to prosecute Japanese nationals who violate U.S. laws.

10. What did Commodore Perry want of the Japanese?
(a) An actual, written treaty.
(b) Exclusive rights to fish in Japenese waters.
(c) Them to make the Dutch leave if the Japanese would not treat with any other country.
(d) A written guarnatee that the Americans could land on any Japanese island.

11. When did the Japanese and Commodore Perry sign a treaty?
(a) July 9.
(b) March 31st.
(c) July 22.
(d) April 30.

12. What gifts did the Emperor never receive?
(a) The whiskey.
(b) The telescope, steam engine or telegraph set.
(c) Any of the clocks.
(d) The grinder.

13. What would the Japanese officers give American ships?
(a) Coal, water and general necessities.
(b) Help in rebuilding wrecked ships.
(c) Aid in obtaining trade agreements.
(d) Navigation advice.

14. What show did the Americans present?
(a) A minstrel show.
(b) None.
(c) The Wild West show.
(d) Punch and Judy puppets.

15. Who came to say goodbye Commodore Perry?
(a) The Emperor.
(b) The Shogun.
(c) The head of the Buddhist church.
(d) The Japanese interpreters.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Perry decide to move forward with plans to return to Japan?

2. Of what was Sam Patch afraid?

3. What happened on April 10, 1854?

4. What bothered Perry about the women?

5. What happened to the samurai class?

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