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Rhoda Blumberg
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was one thing Perry never did during his visits to Japan?
(a) Meet the Shogun.
(b) Meet a Japanese woman.
(c) Enter Edo.
(d) Meet the Emperor.

2. What was a geographical characteristic of Shimoda?
(a) It was isolated by large inland seas.
(b) It was isolated by mountains.
(c) It was totally flat.
(d) It was several feet under sea level.

3. What gifts did the Emperor never receive?
(a) Any of the clocks.
(b) The whiskey.
(c) The telescope, steam engine or telegraph set.
(d) The grinder.

4. Where was the Commodore and some staff invited to tour?
(a) Some nearby villages.
(b) A Japanese war ship.
(c) The silk factories.
(d) The main temple at Edo.

5. What did the Sumo wrestlers do to demonstrate their strength?
(a) Lifted kegs of American whiskey.
(b) Lifted a ship's anchor.
(c) Cracked huge blocks of stone.
(d) Lifted huge bales of rice.

6. Who arrived in Japan 15 days after Commodore Perry left?
(a) A native American Indian.
(b) The first American tourists.
(c) An American senator from Pennsylvania.
(d) An American senator from California.

7. Who entertained the Commodore and his staff on the tour?
(a) A Buddhist monk.
(b) One of the mayors.
(c) The owner of the factory.
(d) The captain of the ship.

8. What was one thing that amazed the botantist Morrow?
(a) The size of the Japanese apples.
(b) The number of hybrid plants the Japanese had developed.
(c) The Japanese irrigation system.
(d) The size of the Japanese grapes.

9. What was another reason Perry was happy with the treaty?
(a) He had a foot in the door to bring Japan into the community of nations.
(b) He was named as advisor to the Emperor.
(c) He was allowed to visit Edo and talk with the Emperor.
(d) His decendants were named as "Friends of Japan."

10. What show did the Americans present?
(a) The Wild West show.
(b) A minstrel show.
(c) Punch and Judy puppets.
(d) None.

11. Who was Sam Patch?
(a) Commodore Perry's steward.
(b) A Japanese American.
(c) The cook for most of the parties.
(d) The bosun mate on Commodore Perry's ship.

12. When did American merchants start traveling for Japan?
(a) Within 2 years of the signing of the Treaty of Kanagawa.
(b) Not for five years after the signing of the Treaty of Kanagawa.
(c) When news of the Treaty of Kanagawa reached Hyawaii.
(d) After Congress ratified the treaty.

13. Why does Perry decide to move forward with plans to return to Japan?
(a) He was paid a handsome commission by some investors.
(b) He received a letter from the Shogun inviting him back.
(c) He was ordered to do so by the President of the United States.
(d) Seeing other ships approaching Japan.

14. What did the Japanese first say to Commodore Perry's request for a treaty?
(a) Some time stipulations would have to be put into place.
(b) The request looked agreeable.
(c) American requests were forbidden by the laws of their ancestors.
(d) They burned the treaty request in front of the Americans.

15. What did some of the Americans collect?
(a) Flowers, plants and seaweeds.
(b) Silk scarves.
(c) Silk handkerchiefs.
(d) Samurai swords.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Commodore Perry's arrival initiate?

2. How many Japanese commissioners met Commodore Perry and his group?

3. When did Commodore Perry arrive at the agreed-upon landing area?

4. What horrified the Japanese about the Americans?

5. Who finally came to one of the parties between the Japanese and Americans?

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