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This is a town over which Hornblower is the squire and in which the Hornblower family makes its normal residence.

The Admiralty

This refers both to a building housing the leaders of the Royal Navy as well as the leaders themselves.

Hornblower's Baltic Flotilla

This is the group of ships that Hornblower is given command over.


This is a seventy-four gun ship-of-the-line, a third-rate, two-decker commanded by Captain William Bush.

Riga and Daugavgriva

This is a Russian city on the Baltic which, in the novel, lies between the capital St. Petersburg and the advancing French army.


This is a peculiar type of vessel mounting two masts, a main, and a mizzen. To compensate for the "missing" foremast, the main carries an enormous press of sail.


These are a type of flotation device affixed to a ship to raise its hull, allowing it to enter...

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