Commodore Hornblower Character Descriptions

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Captain Sir Horatio Hornblower, Knight of the Bath

This character is a naval captain of long accomplishment. He is wealthy, married to a second wife whom he adores, and is completely tone deaf.

Lady Barbara Wellesley Hornblower

This character is a widow, her first husband had been killed in military action. She has an aquiline nose, grey-blue eyes, and a pretty face.

Richard Arthur Hornblower

This character is sixteen months old. His mother died in childbirth.


This character is a man-servant on land and coxswain at sea. He has a natural physical aptitude which makes him good at nearly everything he does, whether it be driving horses or mending clothes.

The Marquis Richard Wellesley and the Earl Arthur Wellesley

This character is the ex-Governor-General of India and currently the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. During the time of the novel, he leads the British military forces...

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