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Chapters 1, 2 and 3

• This book begins as Hornblower returns home from the Navy to his wife, Barbara, and his son, Richard.

• Hornblower and his wife bathe daily, which is strange at the time. They dress in their fine clothes, which is strange to Hornblower, who prefers his simple Naval uniform.
• Hornblower is introduced to the town of Smallbridge, which he owns and is Squire over.

• When he returns from the introduction, he gets a letter from the Admiralty, commanding him to come to London quickly, where he will be promoted and sent on a mission.

• Hornblower is thrilled to be returning to sea so soon, and Barbara consigns herself to life without her husband.
• Hornblower gets to London, where he receives details of his complicated political mission and is allowed to choose Bush as his captain.
• After hearing about his mission, Hornblower goes to his room, where he paces...

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