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Anne Moody
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Leonara move in with Anne?
(a) She is a fugitive.
(b) She is kicked off her plantation.
(c) She is pregnant.
(d) She splits from her boyfriend.

2. Where does the NAACP hold a convention on this chapter?
(a) Washington
(b) Delta
(c) Centreville
(d) Jackson

3. What kind of business do the Chinns own?
(a) A bar
(b) A cafe
(c) A bordello
(d) A restaurant

4. Who is Anne surprised to see at her graduation ceremony?
(a) Her brother
(b) Her gramdmother
(c) Her mother
(d) Her father

5. In what city does CORE open up an office?
(a) Memphis
(b) Jackonville
(c) Delta
(d) Canton

6. What does Anne say she is constantly worried about in this chapter?
(a) Money
(b) Boys
(c) Her family
(d) Her appearance

7. Which boy catches Anne's eye in this chapter?
(a) Keemp
(b) Dave
(c) Jackson
(d) Jenkins

8. Why is Anne nervous about playing for the basketball team?
(a) She is shorter than the other girls.
(b) She has never played at such a high level.
(c) She has only has old sports clothes.
(d) She thinks she is too fat.

9. What does Anne propose they do at the bus depot?
(a) Preach
(b) Stand
(c) Sing political songs
(d) Sit on the whites only side

10. What does Adline buy Anne in this chapter?
(a) A graduation hat
(b) A new dress
(c) Dinner
(d) A new coat

11. Whose famous speech takes place during the Washington march?
(a) Malcolm X
(b) Martin Luther King
(c) Stokely Carmichael
(d) Elvis Presley

12. Why does Anne only stay in New Orleans for a few days?
(a) She has no money.
(b) It is becoming violent.
(c) She has to go on another demonstration.
(d) She wants to see her mother.

13. For what is Mr. Chinn arrested?
(a) Carrying an unlicensed weapon
(b) GBH
(c) Concealing a weapon
(d) Indecnet exposure

14. What is the name of Anne's father's partner?
(a) Lily
(b) Joanne
(c) Norbert
(d) Emma

15. What do the students find in their grits?
(a) Dandruff
(b) Maggots
(c) Worms
(d) Cigarette ash

Short Answer Questions

1. Mama insists that Anne stays away from ______________.

2. What is the name of the couple Anne meets in Canton?

3. What does Anne think the girls on campus are treated like?

4. In what state is Natchez College located?

5. Why is Bob going to Washington?

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