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Anne Moody
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anne hope to earn enough money for in New Orleans?
(a) A basketball
(b) College
(c) Her own business
(d) New clothes

2. Who is Anne surprised to see at her graduation ceremony?
(a) Her father
(b) Her mother
(c) Her gramdmother
(d) Her brother

3. By whom is a negro girl raped?
(a) A Ku Klux Klan member
(b) A black farmer
(c) A sheriff
(d) A white farmer

4. What group does Anne join in this chapter?
(a) The NSPCC
(b) The CODY
(c) The NAACP
(d) The COP

5. Who does Anne contact when she is out of money?
(a) Her mother
(b) Her basketball coach
(c) Mrs. Burke
(d) Her father

6. In what state is Natchez College located?
(a) Washington
(b) Texas
(c) Mississippi
(d) St. Loius

7. Which part of Emma's body has been blown off?
(a) Her foot
(b) Her leg
(c) Her ear
(d) Her hand

8. Why is Bob going to Washington?
(a) To testify
(b) To perform with his band
(c) To march
(d) To preach

9. What city does Anne go to in this chapter?
(a) New York
(b) Denver
(c) New Orleans
(d) Baton Rouge

10. Where does Anne go with Joan?
(a) Delta
(b) Jacksonville
(c) London
(d) Orange County

11. What does Mr. Hicks coach?
(a) Baseball
(b) Singing
(c) Guitar
(d) Basketball

12. Where did Anne first see the drunken white man?
(a) On campus
(b) The bus depot
(c) At a restaurant
(d) Church

13. What city does Anne want to go to to finish high school?
(a) Baton Rouge
(b) El Paso
(c) New Orleans
(d) Memphis

14. How does Anne describe the Negroes' attitude towards voting?
(a) Humoros
(b) Poor
(c) Proactive
(d) Apathetic

15. Who does Anne start to date in this chapter?
(a) John Smith
(b) Roger Deakins
(c) Dave Jones
(d) Malcolm Browne

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bob call Clift's death?

2. What movement is Anne's new school part of?

3. What does Anne change her major to in this chapter?

4. Why is Anne nervous about playing for the basketball team?

5. Who leads the procession?

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