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Anne Moody
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapter 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of business do the Chinns own?
(a) A cafe
(b) A restaurant
(c) A bar
(d) A bordello

2. To what college does Anne get a scholarship?
(a) Virginia
(b) Natchez
(c) Harvard
(d) Jackson

3. What city does Anne want to go to to finish high school?
(a) Memphis
(b) El Paso
(c) New Orleans
(d) Baton Rouge

4. Where do Essie's parents work?
(a) The local hospital
(b) A bomb factory
(c) The fields
(d) A chicken farm

5. Who does Anne work for in this chapter?
(a) Mrs. Burke
(b) Mrs. Hunt
(c) Mrs. Jenkins
(d) Mrs. Smith

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the students find in their grits?

2. What does Miss RIce tell Anne about in this chapter?

3. Why does Anne's relationship with Keemp end?

4. What does Anne think the girls on campus are treated like?

5. How does Essie's father punish her in the opening chapter?

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