Objects & Places from Coming of Age in Mississippi

Anne Moody
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The Houses of Whites

This is the most common place of employment for black women. The women work as housekeepers, cooks, and nannies.


Like several of the other organizations mentioned in the book, this one is not defined. However, the reader can deduce that the group's mission is to work towards the equality of all blacks. Anne works for them to increase voter registration among blacks in order to effect change.

Canton, Mississippi

The power of the whites over the black community is extremely strong here.


Anne's mother has of these throughout the book. Even when Anne is grown and living with Adline, her mother comes to visit with yet another one.

Homecoming Queen

When Anne is in the eighth grade, she is nominated for this.

Woolworth's Sit-In

When Anne is a student at Tougaloo College, she takes part in a sit-in staged here.

The Taplin Burning

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