Coming of Age in Mississippi Character Descriptions

Anne Moody
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Miss Adams - She rules her team strictly, and unlike the rest of the students, speaks up for her rights.

Mrs. Burke - She remains bigoted in her beliefs throughout and helps stir up other white women against Centreville' s African-American community.

Wayne Burke - During the tenth grade, Anne starts to tutor him and his friends in mathematics, and the two teenagers become friends.

Ed Cassidy - He is known among the African-American community as the "quiet nigger hater."

Mr. C. O. Chinn - He. is a powerful man in the town. The African Americans respect him, and the whites fear him. His support of the civil rights workers brings more African Americans to the cause.

Mrs. Chinn - . She is very supportive of Anne and the work that she and her colleagues are doing, but by the end of Coming of Age in Mississippi, she...

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