Coming of Age in Mississippi Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anne Moody
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Part 1: Chapter 1

• Four-year-old Essie Mae lives in a two-room shack with her father, mother, and younger sister Adline.

• While their parents are working, Essie Mae and Adline, are watched by their eight-year-old uncle, George Lee.

• Mama gives birth to Junior and Essie Mae's father takes the family to live with their great aunt. Soon after, he leaves the family for another woman.

• Essie Mae's mother secures employment at a Negro cafe and moves the family into a two-room house owned by a white family. Essie Mae turns five and is enrolled at a school in a local church.

Part 1: Chapter 2

• While Essie Mae's mother works at the cafe, Essie Mae is put in charge of her younger sister and brother.

• One day Ed takes them to his house. Essie Mae is anxious to see Ed's younger brothers, Sam and Walter, whom she has never met before. When two...

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