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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Webb's primary concern about Buddy being missing?
(a) Buddy might hurt himself.
(b) Buddy owes him money.
(c) Buddy can't survive on his own.
(d) Because there's no other barber in town.

2. Where does Robin tell Webb Buddy is?
(a) He has gone away.
(b) She'd never met him.
(c) He went home.
(d) He's on the boat.

3. Before going to the Brewitts, what does Buddy do for two days?
(a) Plays music.
(b) Visits Nora.
(c) Spys on his kids.
(d) Bums around.

4. Buddy feels like he can _____ Nora.
(a) Ignore.
(b) Tease.
(c) Cheat on.
(d) Trust.

5. What does Frank Lewis feel about Buddy's music?
(a) He's jealous.
(b) He's critical.
(c) He's in awe.
(d) He's indifferent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Webb went to train for ______.

2. What does Lewis observe Buddy puts into his numbers?

3. What does Bellocq think Buddy does?

4. In one nightmare, what happens to Buddy's hand?

5. What does Bellocq destroy when Webb leaves?

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