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This location is a terrible maze and center for opium trade and consumption.

The Cricket

This object is a local gossip newspaper.

The District / Storyville

This location is where much of the action in town takes place due to prostitution, gambling, and jazz.

East Louisiana State Hospital

This location is Buddy's final home outside Jackson, LA.

Holtz Cemetery

This location has a high water table and floods frequently.

House of Detention (House of D)

This location is where Buddy gets corrective surgery.

Joseph's Shaving Parlor

This location is a comfortable place to drink liquor and converse.

Masonic Hall

This location is a regular venue for performing.

Pontchartrain, LA

This location is a few miles north of New Orleans where Buddy has spent various periods of his life.

Shell Beach

This location is where Buddy first goes after falling in love and abandoning his family.

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