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Essay Topic 1

Ondaatje varies his style in both narrative and diction. At times it feels indiscernible but with a greater purpose. Discuss Ondaatje's writing style in "Coming Through Slaughter."

Essay Topic 2

"Coming Through Slaughter" is a work if fiction, but relies on historical figures. Discuss how Ondaatje uses history in his fiction. What is his intention? What does it add to the narrative? To what end is this tool?

Essay Topic 3

Bellocq is a complex character whom many hold personally responsible for Buddy's breakdown. He openly admits the influence he has over Buddy. Discuss who Bellocq is to Buddy and the narrative. What is this man meant to represent?

Essay Topic 4

The setting for Buddy's life in New Orleans is surrounded by dilapidation and depravity, although he doesn't necessarily see it this way. Discuss Buddy's evolving perception of his surroundings and what the setting adds to or reflects...

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