Coming Through Slaughter Character Descriptions

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Charles (Buddy) Bolden (1876-1931)

This character is an alcoholic, crazy, jazz coronet player.

Police Detective Webb

This character spends the entirety of "Coming Through Slaughter" dedicated to finding his friend.

E. J. Bellocq

This character is an itinerant photographer who captures images of the neighborhood prostitutes.

Nora Bass

This character is a former prostitute who is a good confidant for fears.

Frank Amacker

This character is a 75-year old blues pianist who believes they have a special purpose for God.

Tom Anderson

This character, described as the King of the District between Rampart and Franklin streets, publishes an annual book listing all the local prostitutes.

Mrs. Bass

This character dies by strangulation from a boa constrictor.

Jaelin and Robin Brewitt

These characters live at Shell Beach and have a mutual understanding of their open marriage.

Mutt Carey

This character is regarded as a musical father rather than teacher...

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