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Chapter 1

• Buddy is a barber and drinks regularly throughput the day and lives his daily life on a very predictable schedule.
• Buddy disappears and Nora, his wife, reports him missing to the drunken police detective, Webb, who is an old friend of Buddy's.
• Buddy is obsessed with death since Nora's mother came to visit and was found strangled in her car. The police ruled it an accident, saying a boa constrictor killed her.
• Buddy has nightmares about his children dying and cuts off his hand in one dream.
• Webb questions Crawley and finds out Buddy has been with the Brewitts on a boat in Shell Beach.
• Buddy fell in love with Robin Brewitt and has run off with her.

• The Brewitts tell Webb that Buddy is gone, and then they disappear themselves.
• Buddy and Webb used to work together at fun fairs. Buddy was training to be a...

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