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Short Answer Questions

1. Which character went to both Harvard and Yale?

2. What special item comes in the mail on Friday afternoon?

3. How does Harry feel about the ball?

4. What bill does Olympia confront Charlie about?

5. What is Olympia referring to when she uses the phrase "rite of passage."

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Olympia want the girls to go the ball?

2. Why does Olympia call Chauncey after Charlie recommends that she does?

3. How does Max feel about the ball?

4. What event has Frieda endured that makes her so special?

5. How does Olympia react to Chauncey's threat?

6. What are Charlie's thoughts on the ball?

7. What does Chauncey threaten to do if Veronica refuses to attend the ball?

8. How do Harry and Olympia meet?

9. Why is Veronica concerned about Virginia's boyfriend?

10. What makes Olympia such a great woman?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Veronica and Virginia, although sisters, are very different girls. Provide three similarities and differences in the characters, and determine which one you would rather be like, and explain why.

Essay Topic 2

What was the most prominent theme in this book? Please provide examples of this theme throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Class is an ongoing theme throughout the book. Many of the characters are high class, while some, like Frieda, came from a low, working class of people. How does class define people? Do you think Chauncey is defined by class? Is Olympia defined by class? Who is not defined by class in the book? Why is class so important to some people in the book? Explain.

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