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Cotillion Balls of Past and Present

The purpose of Cotillion balls has changed throughout the years. Create a visual representation and timeline, using pictures or other items, of what Cotillion balls have been like for the last 100 years. Be prepared to share the timeline with the class.


Invitations often represent how formal an event is. Being that The Arches is a very formal event, the invitation must have been very ornate. Recreate what you imagine the invitation looks like and contrast by creating an invitation for a backyard BBQ. Explain how these two event invitations are different and why?

Journal Writing

Veronica and Virginia have different feelings about the ball. Imagine it is the week before the ball. Write a journal entry for each girl, making sure to use clues from the book showing each girl's excitement or dread.

Family Vacations

The family had many vacations during...

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