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Essay Topic 1

Throughout the book, symbolism is an important theme. Discuss the use and meaning of the following symbols: Frieda's tattoo, Veronica's tattoo, the white ball gowns, the black velvet dress.

Essay Topic 2

The term "coming out" has multiple meanings in the story. Define what it means to come out. Explain two examples of characters who had some sort of "coming out" experience. Show their growth and explain how coming out made them develop as a character.

Essay Topic 3

Veronica and Virginia, although sisters, are very different girls. Provide three similarities and differences in the characters, and determine which one you would rather be like, and explain why.

Essay Topic 4

Olympia values family above anything. How does she show her love of her family throughout the book, even when times are rough or she is frustrated with her family?

Essay Topic 5

Olympia has high expectations for her children...

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