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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

• Olympia Rubinstein lives in New York with her second husband Harry and their five-year-old son Max.

• Olympia has three children from a previous marriage to Chauncey Bedham Walker--Charlie, a junior at Dartmouth, and twin girls who are seniors in high school, Veronica and Virginia.

• Olympia is a lawyer and she met Harry in law school when he was her professor.

• Olympia converted to Judaism for Harry.

• Chauncey is much different than Harry since he is snobby and concerned only about wealth and status.

• An invitation arrives in the mail for Olympia's daughters for a debutante ball called The Arches.

• When Olympia announces the invitation, Virginia is excited, Harry thinks the event is discriminatory, Veronica says she would never go, and Max is confused.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

• Chauncey hears that Veronica does not want to go the ball and threatens to stop paying for either girl's tuition at...

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