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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Courtesan question Antipholus of Syracuse about when she first sees him in Act 4, Scene 3?
(a) The chain.
(b) The bail money.
(c) The rope's end.
(d) The ring.

2. Who says, "To yield possession to my holy prayers and to thy state of darkness hie thee straight"?
(a) Adriana.
(b) The officer.
(c) The conjuror.
(d) Antipholus of Ephesus.

3. Who is arrested in Act 4, Scene 1?
(a) Dromio of Ephesus.
(b) Balthazar.
(c) Antipholus of Ephesus.
(d) Angelo.

4. Finish the sentence: "Here's not a man I meet but doth salute me as if I were their well-acquainted friend; and every one doth call me by my _____."
(a) Honor.
(b) Duty.
(c) Name.
(d) Generosity.

5. What does Antipholus of Syracuse ask Dromio of Syracuse about when he runs into him in Act 4, Scene 3?
(a) If he has the chain.
(b) If he has found a ship to take them home.
(c) If he has bail money.
(d) If he has a ring.

6. Who fetches the item that Dromio of Syracuse requests in Act 4, Scene 2?
(a) Luciana.
(b) Nell.
(c) Adriana.
(d) Luce.

7. What does Adriana question the officer about after Antipholus of Ephesus is taken off by the conjuror?
(a) His infidelity.
(b) His possessions.
(c) The nature of his debt.
(d) His jail sentence.

8. Which characters are talking with each other at the beginning of Act 3, Scene 2?
(a) Luce and Dromio of Syracuse.
(b) Antipholus of Syracuse and Adriana.
(c) Adriana and Luciana.
(d) Antipholus of Syracuse and Luciana.

9. Who says, "Shame hath a bastard fame, well managed; ill d eeds are doubled with an evil word"?
(a) Adriana.
(b) Luciana.
(c) Antipholus of Syracuse.
(d) Dromio of Syracuse.

10. Who says, "I cannot, nor I will not, hold me still; my tongue, though not my heart, shall have his will"?
(a) Antipholus of Syracuse.
(b) Luciana.
(c) Angelo.
(d) Adriana.

11. Who says, "The fellow is distract, and so am I; and here we wander in illusions: some blessed power deliver us from hence"?
(a) Angelo.
(b) The Second Merchant.
(c) Antipholus of Syracuse.
(d) Dromio of Ephesus.

12. Who says, "Besides this present instance of his rage, is a mad tale he told to-day at dinner, of his own doors being shut against his entrance"?
(a) Angelo.
(b) Antipholus of Ephesus.
(c) Dromio of Syracuse.
(d) The Courtesan.

13. What is Antipholus of Syracuse musing about at the beginning of Act 4, Scene 3?
(a) The boat.
(b) The strange treatment he has been receiving.
(c) Luciana.
(d) The chain.

14. What does the conjuror offer to do if the officer lets Antipholus go in Act 4, Scene 4?
(a) Pay his debt.
(b) Cure him.
(c) Kill him.
(d) Imprison him.

15. With whom does Adriana say she will speak with to get to the bottom of the confusion surrounding her husband in Act 4, Scene 4?
(a) Dromio.
(b) Balthazar.
(c) The Second Merchant.
(d) Angelo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the conjuror introduced in Act 4, Scene 4?

2. Who says, "But, sirrah, you shall buy this sport as dear as all the metal in your shop will answer"?

3. Where does Dromio of Syracuse go when he leaves the house at the end of Act 4, Scene 2?

4. What does Dromio of Syracuse claim has turned itself backwards?

5. Who says, "And true he swore, though yet forsworn he were"?

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