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Objective: In Act 1, Scene 1, the Duke goes into detail on the new laws enacted in Ephesus that are forcing him to execute Egeon for being a foreigner. In fact, much of the first scene of the play is focused on the nature of this law, suggesting it might have importance in the overall portrayal of the play. This lesson will discuss the role Ephesian law will serve in the play.

1. Class Discussion: In what way does the Duke describe the Ephesian law against foreigners in Act 1, Scene 1? What implications does the Duke say are given to those who break Ephesian law? What reason does the Duke say these laws were created? What role might Ephesian law play later in the play? What are some possible things it could aid in preventing?

2. Group Activity: Have the class split into groups of four and reread the Duke's speech regarding...

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