The Comedy of Errors Character Descriptions

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Abbess - This character shares strong words with some women in the play and helps to protect some characters from being arrested.

Adriana - This character is concerned with being uninteresting and unattractive, and often shows deep concern for others in the play.

Aemilia - This character is separated from her family and helps to resolve a major conflict at the end of the play.

Angelo - This character plays a role in the confusion of mistaken identity and accidentally gives away an object to the wrong person in the play.

Antipholus of Ephesus - This character is the victim of mistaken identity and is unlawfully arrested in the play.

Antipholus of Syracuse - This character is continually amazed by his odd treatment and often attributes it to witchcraft in the play.

Attendants - This character waits on the Duke in the first and last scenes...

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