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Act 1, Scene 1

• Act 1, Scene 1

• The scene opens in a hall in the palace of Solinus, Duke of Ephesus.

• Egion, a merchant of Syracuse, has been brought before the Duke to plead his case.

• The Duke explains to Egion that he has no personal dispute with him, but he must abide by the laws of his country, which require one to either pay a hefty fine or be executed.

• There have been harsh laws implemented in Syracuse against the merchants of Ephesus, and Ephesus has been forced to enact similar laws in recompense, which forces the Duke to sentence Egion to death.

• Egion tells the Duke he is comforted that execution will put an end to his troubles and explains that he has not come there to cause offense, but because he has been driven by circumstances and proceeds to tell his story.

• Egion was once happily married to...

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