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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Marie?
(a) The Delaneys' maid.
(b) The Delaneys' boarder.
(c) The Delaneys' daughter.
(d) The Delaneys' babysitter.

2. What does the milkman do before leaving Lola's house?
(a) Clears the drain.
(b) Lights the furnace pilot light.
(c) Opens a stuck window.
(d) Pushups.

3. Why does Lola say she is proud of Doc?
(a) He has lost a lot of weight.
(b) He has stopped drinking.
(c) He started his own business.
(d) He has a better job.

4. Who is Marie drawing for an entry into an art contest?
(a) Doc.
(b) Bruce.
(c) Turk.
(d) Marie.

5. What does Doc stare at while waiting for Lola to get her coat?
(a) A sunset.
(b) A TV show.
(c) A whiskey bottle.
(d) A portrait of Marie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What amazes Mrs. Coffman about Lola's house?

2. What does Doc promise to do for Lola?

3. What does Doc do when Lola tells him about Marie and Turk making out last night?

4. What is Doc doing as Act 1, Scene 1 opens?

5. Which of the following does Lola not tell Marie about her marriage to Doc?

Short Essay Questions

1. What metaphor does Lola use when she thinks about how the days of her youth have vanished?

2. Who is Lola and how does she make her entrance into the play?

3. What does Lola's dream tell her about letting go of the past and moving forward?

4. What behavioral changes does Lola exhibit in this scene?

5. How does the author show that Lola's attitude about her life has changed?

6. How does Bruce offer to treat Lola and Doc when he arrives in town?

7. What is the symbolism of the javelin in Lola's dream?

8. How does Doc perpetuate his denial of Marie's loose behavior?

9. What are Marie's feelings about Turk and Bruce?

10. What is the significance of Marie's sudden departure from Doc and Lola's life?

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