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Act 1, Scene 1

• COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA is the story of Lola and Doc Delaney and Lola's struggle to come to terms with the loss of her youth.

• As the play begins, Doc is fixing breakfast and talking to a young woman named Marie who is a boarder in their home.

• Doc is a chiropractor, having never completed medical school because he married Lola.

• Lola awakens and complains about not being able to sleep late and tells Doc that she had a dream again about losing her young dog, Little Sheba.

• Lola tells Doc how proud she is that he has been sober for 11 months.

• Doc is not pleased that Marie keeps company with an egotistical athlete named Turk because he thinks Turk is taking advantage of her.

• Lola has seen Marie and Turk kissing and knows that Marie is not as innocent as Doc thinks she is.

• Marie...

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