Objects & Places from Columbine

Dave Cullen
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Columbine High School

This is the site of the massacre perpetrated by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris in which fifteen, including the two gunmen, were killed.

Blackjack Pizza

This is where Eric and Dylan worked at the time of the massacre.

The Lounge

Where Coach Sanders and his wife, Linda Lou, often met for an evening with friends and dancing.

Trinity Christian Center

This is where Cassie Bernall attended worship services.

Christian Fellowship School

This is where Cassie Barnall attended school prior to transferring to Columbine.

Judgment Day

This is the name Dylan and Eric gave their planned date of the massacre.

The Tanner Gun Show

This is where Robyn Anderson bought three of the weapons for Dylan and Eric.

Foothills Bible Church

Where the funerals of Lauren Townsend and John Tomlin were held.

The Trench Coat Mafia

Initial reports blamed this group for the shootings.

St. Phillip Lutheran Church

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