Columbine Fun Activities

Dave Cullen
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Write a newspaper article

Have students pretend to be a reporter on the scene of the memorial dedication. Students should produce a newspaper or magazine article about that event. Students may use clues from the book or from other sources, at your direction.

Draw it

Have students draw any scene from the book other than those of the shootings and the mayhem in the school at the time of the shootings.

What happened next?

Have students research anyone from the story and describe what happened to their lives after the ten-year anniversary. As an alternative, have students disregard the facts and give any shooting victim a happier ending.

Create a crossword

Create a crossword puzzle using clues from the book. As an alternative, have students create a crossword.

Create a diorama

Have students create a diorama of the memorial garden. Encourage the use of imagination or have them...

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