Columbine Character Descriptions

Dave Cullen
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Dylan Klebold

A student at Columbine High School who, along with his friend Eric Harris, entered the building with guns and bombs, killing thirteen.

Eric Harris

A student at Columbine High School who helps mastermind and carry out the plot to kill students at the school, he was charming and seemed outgoing.

Patrick Ireland

This person was one of the victims shot in the library and who managed to get to a window and hoisted himself over the sill.

Coach Dave Sanders

One of the Columbine victims, he was a coach and taught keyboarding, typing, business, and economics.

Cassie Bernall

One of Eric and Dylan's victims, she transferred to Columbine High School because she believed she was being led to witness to the students there.

Lieutenant Dave Fuselier

The father of a Columbine student, he was also an FBI analyst at the time of the Columbine massacre.

Rachel Scott

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