Columbine Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dave Cullen
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Chapers 1-9

• The book opened with a look at Frank DeAngelo, principal of Columbine at the time of the shooting. He was called Mr. D and he urged them to make responsible decisions over the prom weekend because he wanted them all to return safely the following Monday.

• Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went to prom. Both were smart but known as rebels though Dylan fit the "rebel" profile better with his long hair.

• Eric and Dylan had planned to die on the Monday after prom in a hail of gunfire. Their plan had three acts, including the bombing of the school and the bombing of the school parking lot.

• Dave Sanders was a coach who also taught several subjects.

• Cassie Bernall had transferred to Columbine from a Christian school because she was convinced God wanted her to witness to the students at Columbine.

• Dylan and Eric refer...

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