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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has Zlorf come to Broadman's establishment for?
(a) Rincewind.
(b) Weasel.
(c) Broadman.
(d) Twoflower.

2. What causes the non-burning city's destruction?
(a) The river bursts its banks.
(b) The fire jumps the river.
(c) The magic causes an explosion.
(d) The bridges catch fire.

3. When Death asks Rincewind to ride to Psephopololis, what does Rincewind do?
(a) Refuses.
(b) Fights.
(c) Accepts.
(d) Escapes.

4. Two characters are watching the city burn from the hillside overlooking the village. Which of these two men is a swordsman?
(a) Weasel.
(b) Bravd.
(c) Rincewind.
(d) Twoflower.

5. After thwarting the beast's attack, why does Hrun pry off the top of the altar?
(a) Hrun wants to explore the new passageway.
(b) Hrun is convinced there is treasure underneath the altar.
(c) Hrun wants to go after the beast to slay it.
(d) Hrun is convinced the beast will lead him away from the temple.

6. As Rincewind and Twoflower travel to Chrim, Rincewind hears the word quaint for the first time. What does Rincewind think quaint means?
(a) Cute and cozy.
(b) Traditional and secure.
(c) Fever-ridden and tumbledown.
(d) Boring and drab.

7. In the game the gods are playing which god is playing two pieces that resemble Rincewind and Twoflower?
(a) Lady.
(b) Zephyrus.
(c) Blind Io.
(d) Offler.

8. Who confronts Rincewind and Twoflower as they step outside the tavern?
(a) Zlorf.
(b) Broadman.
(c) Withel.
(d) Weasel.

9. Why does Rincewind take most of the pictures during the tour of the city with Twoflower?
(a) So Twoflower can be in the shots.
(b) So Twoflower can be in the foreground to give scale to the pictures.
(c) Because Rincewind is enthralled with the camera.
(d) Because Twoflower can't operate the camera.

10. How many magic spells does Rincewind know?
(a) Ten.
(b) One.
(c) Three.
(d) Seven.

11. When Rincewind appears in the temple, what is the very first thing he tells to Twoflower?
(a) Not to say the number between five and seven.
(b) Not to say the number between seven and nine.
(c) Not to say the number between three and five.
(d) Not to say the number between nine and eleven.

12. What causes octarine?
(a) Light hitting a strong magnetic field.
(b) Light shining through a strong magnetic field.
(c) Light being reflected from over the Edge.
(d) Light shining over the Edge.

13. According to Bravd, what rots wizards' brains?
(a) Potions.
(b) Incantations.
(c) Magical spells.
(d) Quicksilver fumes.

14. Where is Twoflower from?
(a) Krull.
(b) Bes Palargic.
(c) Rince Woods.
(d) Drumare.

15. What or who is Dunmanifestin?
(a) The dwelling place of the gods.
(b) The supreme ruler of the Underworld.
(c) The supreme ruler of Discworld.
(d) The dwelling place of all evil.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Twoflower when Withel distracts Rincewind?

2. What does the alternate world rest on?

3. As the two men leave the burning city, why is Rincewind amazed?

4. Who is the first man in Morpork to notice Twoflower debarking from the ship in the harbor?

5. As Bravd and Weasel ride away from the hillstop, Bravd compliments Weasel on being an expert at something. What is Weasel an expert in?

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