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Create Discworld

Based on the descriptions used throughout the book, create Discworld as you perceive it to be. Bring in your Discworld representation to share with the class.

Carrying the World on its Back

Imagine you are creating a "sister" world to Discworld, which is structurally similar to Discworld. What would you use to support your world? Why?

The Great Turtle

Write a story that details the true background story of A'Tuin. Where did the great turtle come from? Where is he going? What is the true purpose of his life?

Funny Money

Twoflower's rhinus are foreign currency in Morpork. His gold pieces, however, are universally accepted. Design your own currency. How does your currency translate into US dollars? Is your currency tied to any standard, e.g., gold or silver? Why or why not? Share your sample currency with the class.

The Most Powerful Spell

Rincewind knows...

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