The Colour of Magic Character Descriptions

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Rincewind and Dr. Rjinswand

This character is a wizard in the twin cities who earns a living through language translation.

Twoflower and Jack Zweiblumen

This character is a clerk from another land and arrives in the twin cities to sightsee.

Hrun the Barbarian

This character is a well-known warrior who carries a magical sword.


It is this character's responsibility to call on wizards personally.

The Patrician of Ankh-Morpork

This character is the overlord of the twin cities.


This character is the owner of the Broken Drum.


This character is the best thief in the twin cities.

Stren Withel

This character is the second best thief in the twin cities.

Blind Hugh (Hugh)

This character is the first to meet the story's main character upon his arrival in the city and takes him to the Broken Drum.


This character is a dryad.


This character...

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