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1. Who is the main character in WISE BLOOD and what is he doing as the story begins?

The story WISE BLOOD begins with Haze Motes riding a train to his hometown. Motes has just been released from the army after four years and is eager to return home.

2. What is odd about Motes' vocation related to his philosophy?

The only thing Motes wants is to become a preacher like his grandfather. However, Motes has a peculiar way of looking at religion and has little reverence for Jesus.

3. What does Motes discover once he reaches his homestead?

Once Motes reaches the town of Eastrod, he discovers that much has changed in the time he was gone. The old homestead is little more than a shell; the only thing left is an old shifferrobe in the kitchen.

4. What does Motes do for the first time?

Motes wanders aimlessly through the town and finally settles in at a boarding house with a single and older woman. For the first time, Motes sleeps with a woman although he still declares himself to be free from sin.

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