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Ruby Hill (appears in A Stroke of Good Fortune)

She is a thirty-four-year old woman with mulberry colored hair who carries too much weight and lives with her husband on the fifth floor of an apartment building.

Julian (appears in Everything That Rises Must Converge)

He is a recent college graduate who has returned home to live with his doting mother until he gets a job.

Hazel Motes (appears in Wise Blood)

He is a man who has been in the army and goes back to his hometown to find his childhood home has been abandoned.

Asa Hawks (appears in Wise Blood)

He is a preacher and self-proclaimed prophet who travels around with his daughter trying to convert sinners. He blinds himself to prove he had been redeemed.

Enoch Emory (appears in Wise Blood)

He is a boy who works in a small town zoo and attempts to...

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