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Part One

• The story WISE BLOOD begins with Haze Motes riding a train to his hometown after being released from the army.

• Haze has been gone four years and is anxious to see his hometown again.

• The only thing Haze wants to do is become a preacher like his grandfather but Haze has an unusual way of looking at religion and has little reverence for Jesus.

• Much has changed in Haze's hometown and the old homestead is little more than a shell, the only thing left being his Mother's old chifferobe in the kitchen.
• Haze wanders around town and finally settles into a boarding house with a single and older woman.

• For the first time, Haze sleeps with a woman although he still declares himself to be free from sin.

• Haze meets a newcomer to town, Enoch Emory, who makes a nuisance of himself in attempts to become...

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