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Short Answer Questions

1. In Lamb to the Slaughter, how far along is Mary in her pregnancy?

2. In The Great Automatic Grammatizator, how many children does Adolphe have?

3. In The Great Automatic Grammatizator, what does the machine do?

4. In Edward the Conquerer, the bonfire is made of ___________.

5. Where does Genesis and Catastrophe take place?

Short Essay Questions

1. In The Visitor, what does Cornelius think about the entire time he was eating dinner at the Egyptian's house?

2. How does William from Dip in the Pool die?

3. How does Mrs. Bixby find out her husband was cheating on her?

4. In Galloping Foxley, what did Perkins hate about Foxley?

5. What is Royal Jelly?

6. In My Lady Love, My Dove, how does Pamela overhear some bad statements about herself?

7. What happens to Georgy Porgy after he is kissed?

8. Where does Lady Turton in Neck get stuck, and how does she get free?

9. In the Visitor, what horrible discovery does Cornelius make the morning after his love affair?

10. What is Pig curious about when he first eats meat?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many vulnerable characters were taken advantage of in these stories. What are some examples of this, and why do you think the message of these incidents was so important to Roald Dahl?

Essay Topic 2

Who was Robert Sandy, and how did his interactions with the police affect his life? What messages were being sent in these circumstances?

Essay Topic 3

Mental illness was a huge theme in many of these stories. What were some prime examples of this, and what messages were being sent in these stories?

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