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Paramythia, Greeceappears in Chapter 3

This is the Mediterranean outpost during World War II where British pilots encounter Katina.

Lancasters, Halifaxes, Hurricanesappears in Chapter 5

These are Royal Air Force fighter/bomber aircraft used in World War II.

Messerschmidts, Junker 88s, Heinkelsappears in Chapter 5

This is a German Luftwaffe aircraft flown mostly against Allied Air Forces over Europe in World War II.

Spitfireappears in Chapter 7

This is a British fighter plane used against the Germans in World War II.

Focke Wulfappears in Chapter 7

This is a type of fighter/bomber aircraft flown by Germany during World War II.

Londonappears in Chapters 11, 19

This city is always presented as the pinnacle of wealth, social status, achievement and culture.

Jamaicaappears in Chapter 13

This island is the setting for the odd tale of Carlos, the mysterious Latin American man who makes bets.

Sound Machineappears in Chapter 15

This is a device cobbled together by an...

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