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Stag, Stuffy and Williamappears in Madame Rosette (Chapter 8)

These are three RAF pilots who go into Cairo on a forty-eight-hour leave from combat in Libya looking for women.

Lionel Lampsonappears in Nunc Dimitis (Chapter 11}

This is a British aristocrat who fancies himself a true citizen of the world, a sophisticate, an art collector, a ladies' man, and a dashing fellow.

Carlosappears in Man from the South (Chapter 13)

This is the strange, sadistic old man of uncertain South American origin who enjoys making bets that permit him to chop off a finger of his opponent if he is victorious.

Klausnerappears in The Sound Machine (Chapter 15)

This is a sound engineer, who builds in his tool shed a device that can detect and amplify sounds from plants.

Mr. Botibolappears in Mr. Botibol (Chapter 16)

This is a tall, thin man with no shoulders who inherits a piece of commercial property.

Adolph Knipeappears in The Great Automatic Grammatizator (Chapter 20)

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