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The Third Resignation

• The protagonist of "The Third Resignation" died when he was a child, but he has kept on living in his coffin ever since.

• His mother checks his height from time to time and makes sure he is comfortable.

• His coffin is kept in the house among the other family members.
• The protagonist eventually starts "really" dying.

• He loses awareness of his limbs, and he starts to notice a foul smell.

• At last, he "really" dies of "resignation."

The Other Side of Death

• The protagonist of "The Other Side of Death" dreams about and ruminates on his twin brother's death by stomach cancer.

• He imagines that his brother is reaching out to him somehow.
• The protagonist begins to smell formaldehyde everywhere, a smell that he associates with death, and he believes it is coming from himself.

• At the end of the story, the protagonist believes that...

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