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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Maggie is invited to a party in Europe when she's on vacation, where she feels uncomfortable because everybody is speaking French.

• Maggie finds out that she feels uncomfortable as a result of a joke that Tippy, the host, is playing on her.

• Maggie goes out with a group of Americans, with whom she feels more comfortable.

Part 1, Chapter 2

• Abby is a widow in self-exile in Belgium.

• Abby likes Hugh, a man who is estranged from his wife.

• Abby is afraid of her family's pity.

• Hugh is addicted to gambling and introduces Abby to roulette.

• When Abby feels melancholy after her last round of roulette, she understands his addiction more.

Part 1, Chapter 3

• Sue and Ramona meet for coffee, where it becomes apparent they don't necessary like each other but feel comfortable with one another.

• Ramona asks Sue to visit her family and her home, and also to...

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