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Cover Art

Create a cover for Collected Poems that captures its tone.

Sonnet: to Wilfred

Write a sonnet to Wilfred Owen, expressing what you think of his poetry.

Letter Home

Write a letter home from the front lines on behalf of Wilfred Owen.

Mapped Movements

Using a map of Europe, show Owen's movements from his birth until his death.

On the Loss of a Poet

Write an elegy to Wilfred Owen.

In the Trenches

Create a visual representation of a trench on the front lines of World War I.

Interview with Mr. Owen

Create a list of interview questions you would like to ask Wilfred Owen. Using what you know about him, answer them as best you can.

Wilfred Owen in the News

Write a newspaper article about Wilfred Owen that could have appeared in a paper after his death.

Literary Ad

Create a commercial promoting Collected Poems...

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